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LEGO City Passenger Train (7938) Assembled and Running

This set has been out for quite a few years and is actually being phased out for a new version, but we picked it up last week before the LEGO Store phased them out for the new one and it was a TON of fun to build and then operate, In includes 3 minifigures (1 train driver and 2 passengers) and had 2 engines with opening control rooms and a passenger car with opening roof and space for 6-10 additional passengers, It comes with 16 curved tracks and 16 flexible tracks.

The power functions included are battery box, motor, infrared receiver and 8-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control that controls up to 8 different trains simultaneously! You can still pick this up from LEGO.com and Amazon.com but we were told it will soon be retired from LEGO.com as well.